About Us

BlueCross India was established in 1995 with its first branch in the heart of the country. From the streets of Chandi Chowk to the ramps of city lights BlueCross Eyewear has been marketing high quality eye-wear which equally quenches the thirst of modern generation for style with comfort.

Passionate about eyewear and fashion, our style council works hard at picking out the best frames and most popular brands. They have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening and make sure we have the latest trends and styles in stock.

BLUE CROSS  mission is to protect the eyes and enhance the look of women and men in the world, creating the best possible eyewear to satisfy its clients and interpret consumer tastes and aspirations. The Group pursues this mission ethically and responsibly, engaging all of its energy, skill and experience, keenly aware of how essential glasses are to the well-being of consumers, allowing them to work, read and communicate their personal style.

Each collection, each pair of glasses is the result of an ongoing R&D process which combines passion, innovation and creativity with the latest technology and master craftsmanship. BLUE CROSS spirit of excellence stands out in the way of working, at all levels and in all geographical areas.

BLUE CROSS is open-minded toward new ideas and ways of viewing, different models and cultures, in an effort to continuously improve and maximize the company’s potential in increasingly competitive global markets.

BLUE CROSS long-term strategy is to continue to expand in the eyewear and eye care sectors by growing its various businesses, whether organically or through acquisitions. The Company will continue to focus on the following strategic pillars: vertical integration, design and technological innovation, brand portfolio management, market expansion, financial discipline and the development of talented and committed employees.

The success of the brand can be credited to high quality sunglasses and frames which commit to prove best in its class.